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A UK-based charity with a passionate commitment to transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people in Nigeria. As well as sponsoring secondary education for poor but bright children, we campaign to improve the education system and share best practise teaching with schools.

Our work is made possible by the support of individual donors and community fundraising initiatives – you can help. We invite you to browse our site to find out how you can help to make a real difference.

The Odds – what we're up against

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, estimated at 154 million in 2009. While opportunities for education have increased since independence in 1960, the challenges of covering costs of schooling mean that a vast majority of children are not in education – especially at secondary school level.

UNICEF figures for enrolment in secondary schools in Nigeria are as follows, using data collected between 2003 and 2008: Male 36% Female 29%. The most significant factor holding young people back is poverty. The cost of secondary education places a huge burden on parents and families, who not only carry the expense, but also lose the income the child might bring in if sent to work.

Without access to education, Nigeria’s future generations are unable to realise their potential. Young people are increasingly becoming victims of child labour, trafficking, prostitution and crime. Our work is about improving access to quality education, providing a safe environment for children to grow and helping young people to stay in school, realise their potential and win back their lost youth.

Meet The Children

Today's children - Africa's Future

Elijah's father talks about his struggle to provide for his children. Elijah is one of the seven children we are currently sponsoring at Caleb International school, thanks to your generosity

Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


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